Extended Data Repository (XDR)

A clean, normalized and real-time extended data repository (XDR) that contains all available clinical, financial and operational information is essential to help make profitable decisions and benchmark quality and margin.

Embedded Vocabularies

Seamlessly tie in all your processes and systems into a common semantic model. The data model spans all clinical constructs such as CCD/CCR plus a rich vocabulary for specialties like oncology, cardiology, radiology, pathology, orthopedics and clinical research; operational constructs such as personnel, equipment, facilities and inventory; and financial constructs such as claims and remittances, costs, revenues and margin.

Real Time Alerts

Change the paradigm from "after-the-fact" reports that are based on historical data to pro-active real-time alerts. From a single active repository, notifications are generated when exceptions are about to occur - such as a patient becoming eligible for a follow-up or a course of treatment, non-compliant prescriptions, potential insurance denials, quality metric trending downwards etc.

Master Data Management

Tools like electronic master patient index (EMPI) and master provider index eliminate duplicates and result in a single source of the truth. Standard terminologies like CCD, ICD-9/10, CPT, LOINC, SNOMED, NDC, RxHub, ANSI EDI and DICOM are used to normalize disparate data to a common vocabulary.

Net.Orange - Extended Data Repository (XDR)
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Key Features

Integrate all your facilities - outpatient, ancillary and inpatient - and capitalize on strategic partnership or acquisition opportunities
Increase the accuracy of clinical and financial reports, and decrease information latency from weeks to seconds
Support key initiatives such as clinical pathways, quality metrics and outcome reporting using a pro-active alerting system
Monitor value created by your organization via aggregation of all cost, quality, patient satisfaction and overall utilization at every level of your delivery network
Break down silos of disparate clinical data sources to enable acute focus towards the continuum of care