Revenue Cycle Management

As healthcare costs go up, payers are responding with increasing restrictions, exclusions and limitations. The Net.Orange Revenue Cycle Management solution has unique features that help hospitals and practices arrest the trend of declining payments and increasing denial rates; and instead improve cash flows and reduce write-offs.

Denials and Reimbursement Analytics

  • Dashboards tailored by role for CEO, CFO, Practice Administrators, Providers
  • Summary by Network, Site, Physician, Nurse
  • Ability to view and print EOBs

Patient Registration

  • Eligibility
  • Coding and Compliance
  • Payor follow up


The Net.Orange cOS™ (Clinical Operating System) supports a team-based approach to revenue management linking all the various roles into a common platform enabling a cohesive view of the revenue cycle. In addition, each of the roles listed below (and others as needed) have their own dashboard tailored to their specific role, responsibilities, workflow and professional needs.
  • Practice Administrators, Hospital CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CMOs
  • Claims Manager
  • Claims Analyst
  • Sales and Business Development Specialists
  • Plan Administrators, Population Health Administrators & Case Managers
  • Linkedin

Key Features

The Net.Orange Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) suite helps hospitals and practices increase revenue by recovering underpayments, and reduce administration costs by using a rules- based approach to automate and streamline the collections process; resulting in significant improvement in margins.