Quality Scoring and Meaningful Use Compliance

As today's payment model's change, and tomorrow's become even more complicated and cumbersome, it is important to maximize your CMS incentives, and better control physician variability to stay profitable both now and in the future.

Physician Quality Scoring

Track, report and submit quality metrics for the CMS Physician Quality Reporting System initiative (PQRS) through a certified CMS registry for an increasing group of measures including Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes and Preventive Measures. Compare multiple providers from different clinics, potentially using different EMR platforms and understand the variability.

Meaningful Use Compliance

Continually survey your clinics' and providers' compliance with Meaningful Use (MU) criteria and identify potential non-compliance trends in time to resolve them. Perform cost-effective compliance monitoring across a network of practices/clinics on different EMR platforms.

Patient Registries

Identify significant patients from a real-time database of patient medical history using complex clinical guidelines such as "all male patients >40 years old, with family history of diabetes, history of tobacco use, BMI>22.5 and HbA1c>7%". Medical history can be optionally sourced from existing clinical systems, such as electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Real-Time Analytics

Receive real-time alerts based on exception conditions via email and subscribe to pre-packaged presentation-quality management reports. Use standard reports and dashboards to follow an analytical train of thought and interrogate the data all the way to the transactional detail, and easily export data to spreadsheets. Leverage an open repository (data mart) of all the quality measures to create your own reports using the included ad hoc reporting tool, or using any 3rd party business intelligence tool.

Net.Orange - Quality Scoring and Meaningful Use Compliance
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Key Features

Continually track meaningful use compliance by practice, by provider
Retain their existing EMR systems and provide overlay disease management and quality reporting functions, for today and the future
Record and submit quality metrics through a certified CMS registry
Benchmark quality metrics among providers and practices