Value Based Purchasing

Managing Medicare reimbursement in the rear-view is a thing of the past. Net.Orange Value Based Purchasing enables stakeholders to win by improving quality measures and patient satisfaction while reducing re-admissions, mortality, and taking out unnecessary cost to all cases via physician profiling.

Vivid Realization of Value Based Care

Clearly understand all the CMS levers that define value based purchasing including rationalized aggregation of quality measures, patient satisfaction and complications. Identify cost drivers against the patient specific illness burden, utilization patterns, and epidemiologic distribution against your population and mean reimbursement. Unlock the value of your existing multiple data silos to change not only the care you deliver but also the quality and value derived from it.

Drill-down Dashboards

Pre-populated Dashboards allow stakeholders to quickly analyze all causes for net loss against a standard Medicare payment. This analysis provides drill down capabilities by service area, department, physician, diagnostic test, devices, pharmaceuticals and many other value added parameters.

Intelligent Profiling

Defensible physician profiling includes peer-to-peer comparison based on specialty and risk stratification via Johns Hopkins ACG Grouper to accurately score patient risk based on all known co-morbidities. The illness burden is used to establish a fair and equitable comparison for profiling. Utilization is prospectively monitored to call out cases before cost are exacerbated.


Synthesize real time HL7 clinical and ADT information with operational cost and financial outcomes to execute to your strategic goals while most of the competition is managing via the data latent 'rear-view mirror'.

Net.Orange - Value Based Purchasing
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Key Features

Alert and engage leadership in real-time to act NOW
Manage physician partners to consistent and affordable standards of care
Identify patients with missing care or poor outcomes