Population Disease Registry

Stratify your patient population based on demographics and risk factors such as chronic conditions, lifestyle habits, family history and gaps in post-operative care. Monitor these registries to understand trends in the population and to analyze the variability in care processes across different settings and providers.

Rich Clinical Directory

When developing a registry across multiple data sources, it is critical to have a single and common semantic representation of oncology data fields. The Net.Orange data model makes it possible to compare patients across systems. In additional to typical registry data such as demographics, allergies, encounter dates etc., it includes fields such as TNM staging, survival estimates, tumor type, imaging, labs, pathology, biomarkers, chemotherapy regimens and medications.

Coaching Model

Generate custom patient contact lists and communication/coaching templates to reach patients via email, SMS, phone or by letter at any step of the process from scheduling them for the initial consult to counseling them on disease management topics to adjusting their care plan when they don't meet the care plan goals.

Clinical Guideline Engine

Identify significant patients from a real-time database of patient medical history using complex clinical guidelines such as "all male patients >40 yrs old, with family history of diabetes, history of tobacco use, BMI>22.5 and HbA1c>7%". Medical history can be optionally sourced from existing clinical systems, such as electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Complementary Ambulatory EMR/Patient Portal

Leverage a fully integrated ONC-certified (Stage 1 Meaningful Use for ambulatory usage) multi-purpose Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that allows physicians, nurses, billing and administrative personnel to provide care to patients and generate charges. A complementary patient portal allows providers to engage patients and their families and integrate all patient information recorded across a health system in a single portal.

Net.Orange - Population Disease Registry
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Key Features

Stratify your chronic patient population and high-risk acute discharges based on demographics and risk factors
Monitor high risk patients and augment medical care with primary coaching and outreach models
Retain all existing EMR systems (inpatient and outpatient) and yet enable a real-time normalized active patient registry