Patient Portal

A key component to the wellness of your patients and the population is effective communication and empowerment of patients to participate in their healthcare and wellness. No longer are there bounds to placing the patient at the center of clinical and financial decisions.

Medical Records

Allow patients to view and interact with their complete medical record including diagnoses, results (labs / imaging), allergies, medications, past visits, insurance information and demographics. Medical history can be sourced and consolidated from existing clinical data, such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

Patient Enablement

Empower patients and authorized family members to enter medications and upload lab results from other providers. Patients can also enter outcomes recorded at home directly from mobile or medical devices such as glucometers and weigh scales, and communicate directly with case managers and physicians.

Care Planning

Enroll patients on custom-tailored "care plans" that can easily adapted from a library of standard chronic care plan templates for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, congestive heart failure, high cholesterol etc. System-generated alerts for missed/upcoming visits and abnormal clinical measures can be viewed or sent to the patient via message or email.

Net.Orange - Patient Portal
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Key Features

Positively impact patient satisfaction and their compliance to prescribed care plans
Improve front office efficiency and increase patient flow by shifting administrative tasks such as filling out pre-visit forms
Capitalize on new financial models such as patient-centered medical homes and value-based purchasing, and meet CMS compliance requirements