Meaningful Use Scoring

Measure physician performance and maximize federal incentive dollars, integrate all physicians on a single clinical platform and prepare for Stage 2/3 compliance (2012+) and participate profitably in hospital/physician collaborations (ex. ACO and re-admission reductions).

Real Time Compliance Monitoring

Survey your clinics' and providers' compliance with Meaningful Use (MU) criteria and identify in real-time across multiple EMR platforms via configurable role-based dashboards.

Peer to Peer Comparisons

Leverage all existing electronic health record systems and compare physicians on key meaningful use and quality metrics regardless of their EMR system against their peers, against goals, and against regional and national benchmarks. Access to sensitive patient information can be controlled through configurable security settings.

Patient Registries

Pro-actively generates alerts when compliance % starts falling outside acceptable tolerances, for example - "one of your providers in practice ABC is falling below on the measure % of patients with ePrescriptions" These alerts can be routed to various practice staff including physicians and their nurses, as part of a continuous learning methodology.

Net.Orange - Meaningful Use Scoring
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Key Features

Maximize federal incentive dollars and pro-actively identify areas of weaknesses
Integrate all physicians on a single clinical platform without disruptions as they continue to use their EMR systems
Enable clear peer to peer physician comparison and prospectively manage care in a unbiased manner