Clinician Portal

Access to the longitudinal patient record, and the ability to collaborate with the extended care team, including other clinicians outside your facility, is critical to implement a truly patient-centric care delivery model.

Consolidated Patient Record

View all available permissible clinical data about your patients in a single place that clearly delineates information by each recording provider in participating organizations, and by patients using biometric devices. Access the record at any time using any mobile internet-enabled device and instantly communicate with the patient and his/her care team. This is done while leveraging any existing state-wide or regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) initiatives.

Complementary Ambulatory EMR

Leverage a fully integrated ONC-certified (Stage 1 - Meaningful Use for ambulatory usage) multi-purpose Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that allows you to view clinical information recorded at other facilities within the same system. A complementary patient portal allows providers to engage patients and their families and integrate all patient information recorded across a health system in a single portal.

Care Coordination

Lead or participate in a care coordination workflow across your system or beyond, that routes high-risk or high-cost patients across worklists for various caregivers such as health coaches, providers, nurses, case managers and patient navigators, based on clinical guidelines and alerts that are initiated from disease-specific and longitudinal "care plans". Care plans can be easily adapted from a library of chronic and acute templates such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, chemotherapy regimens, etc.

Quality Scoring & Meaningful Use

Retain existing EMRs and track/report quality metricsfor the CMS Physician Quality Reporting System initiative (PQRS) through a certified CMS registry. Continually survey your clinics' and providers' compliance with Meaningful Use (MU) criteria and identify potential non-compliance trends in time to resolve them.

Net.Orange - Clinician Portal
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Key Features

Improve patient safety and quality of care through increased visibility while leveraging ongoing HIE initiatives
Enable care coordination workflows for high-risk high-cost patients across participating healthcare organizations
Retain existing EMR systems and still benchmark quality metrics and meaningful use compliance among providers and practices and submit quality metrics through a certified CMS registry