Base Services

What we offer.

Document Management Service

Ability to store, search and retrieve documents plus the ability to email and fax the documents. Provided through embedded and integrated 3rd party tool (Alfresco).

Features include:
  • Full text and attribute-based search
  • Document Categorization and Association mechanism
  • Document lifecycle management
  • Version Control, Archiving and Backups
  • Integration to workflow management - automatic notifications
  • HIPAA and Part 11 compliance

Business Intelligence and Reporting Service (Jaspersoft)

Ability to create business intelligence dashboards and reports. Provided through embedded and integrated 3rd party tool (Jasper Soft).

Features include:
  • Reporting: Flexible reports on top of cOS data with output options including Adobe PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text Format, or plain text, Wizard-driven report design for fast, easy report creation
  • Analysis: Drag-and-drop, drill-downs, cross-tabulations etc., supports complex analytical queries. Integrates directly with Microsoft Excel PivotTable services, supporting data refresh, drill-down and data pivoting
  • Dashboards: Comprehensive metrics management capabilities, rich, interactive visual displays, portal integration and integrated alerting to continuously monitor for exceptions and notify users to take action
  • Data Mining: Comprehensive set of machine learning algorithms including clustering, segmentation, decision trees, random forests, neural networks, and principal component analysis. Fully integrated with BI Platform

Forms Management Service

Ability to capture data using fillable PDF forms. Forms can be designed in Adobe Acrobat and uploaded into the system and invoked in any workflow. Fields within the form use a provided naming convention (ex. cOSPatientFirstName) to leverage any existing data in the system. Forms can be specific to a patient or a company or a care plan (pathway). Data captured via these custom forms can be accessed in reports and in any custom apps or screens.

Bulk Data Load Service (ETL)

Ability to extract, transform, load data into cOS. Provided through embedded and integrated 3rd party tool (KETL).

Features include:
  • Scalable, Platform Independent ETL Engine: Enables complex ETL transformations to be executed in a highly efficient manner. Supports multiple CPU's and 64-bit servers
  • Job execution and scheduling manager: Dependency-driven job execution model supports multiple job types, conditional exception handling, email notification and time-based scheduling. Job types fall into three categories, with support for additional executors via the KETL API
  • SQL: Executes pre-defined SQL statement via JDBC
  • XML: Executes XML defined jobs
  • OS: Executes an operating system command
  • XML Job Definition Language: Allows ETL jobs to be easily defined in XML, enabling the use of widely available XML authoring tools and associated support for version control systems
  • Centralized Repository: Supports multiple KETL instances to leverage job and parameter definitions
  • Performance Monitoring: Collects historical and active job statistics in the repository, allowing comprehensive analysis of problematic jobs
  • Comprehensive Data Source Support: Supports extracting and loading of relational, flat file and XML data sources, via JDBC and proprietary database APIs
  • Scheduling Engine: Time-based and event-driven job execution

HL7 Service

Ability to send and receive HL-7 2.x messages. Provided through embedded and integrated 3rd party tool (Mirth).

ANSI X12 Service

Ability to import ANSI X12 Transactions.

Portal Service

Ability to develop new user interfaces and portal.

Security Services

HIPAA compliance and role-based permissibility model.

Audit Trail Service

Ability to provide an audit trail of all the activities in the cOS data and cOS service level.

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