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Extended Data Repository (XDR)

The Extended Data Repository (XDR) is the physical representation of the healthcare data model covering financial, operational and clinical models.

Private Health Information Exchange (Private HIE)

A consolidated clinical data repository (CDR) within a closed hospital or health system that contains an aggregate of all clinical (and other) data sources so that for any given patient, all clinical data available can be immediately retrieved.

Public Health Information Exchange (Public HIE)

The capability to electronically move clinical information among disparate health care organizations and information systems while maintaining the context of the information being exchanged and using standards such as CCD, CCR and NHIN.

Electronic Master Patient Indexing (eMPI)

Provides the ability to identify duplicate patients and link multiple patients IDs with a single unique master patient ID. It correlates and cross-references patient identifiers and performs a matching function with high accuracy in an unattended mode.

Record Locator Service (RLS)

A key infrastructure component to support interoperability in a decentralized healthcare environment, the RLS provides pointers to the location of patient information across the extended network, enabling users to access and integrate healthcare data from distributed sources without relying on National Patient Identifiers or centralized databases.

Terminology Translation Services

Ability to translate to and from multiple terminologies (ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, SNOMED, LOINC etc.)

cOS web Services

A library of web services and developer toolkits to allow customers and partners to develop applications on the cOS platform for all devices, including smartphones, tablets and PDAs.

Real-Time Alerts

Ability to send real-time alerts based on business rules and clinical guidelines across clinical, financial and operational data. The alerts can be set as emails, SMS messages.

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