Even the most powerful systems are useless if they don't reach the users how and where they are.


The future of medical software is here. We at Net.Orange are building user-friendly applications for medical billing, facilities management, and applications for doctors and medical staff to use in their everyday tasks. Net.Orange understands that there is no cookie cutter solution and that not every role in an organization is the same. People function in multiple roles doing jobs outside their title's description. We understand that and have built an application with the user in mind, we look to make the application work for you, not to try and put you in a box and make you work within those restrictions. We make this application with the users in mind and give the flexibility to customize and create dashboards and workflows that make doing your job easier and allowing you to work outside the box. Welcome to Net.Orange where the users come first and we are your advocates and are successful in bridging the gap between what business needs and you as a user need to complete your job function. The two are not independent but rather dependent on each other and to be successful an employee needs to be given the opportunity to succeed, we give you the tools to achieve success.


More and more experienced professionals are finding that they have to perform multiple roles in addition to the traditional job they may have been originally hired to do. The economy is causing companies to tighten their belts and ask employees to take over the duties and responsibilities for peers that have been let go or activities outside their initial job's responsibilities. Net.Orange has built an application that lets you add these roles and responsibilities to your "dashboard" treating it as yet another activity and gives you all of the alerts and calendaring and tasks you need to complete the activity accurately and adds it to your daily/weekly/monthly tasks. So no matter your job title - your dashboard can be customized to include whatever extra roles and responsibilities you have into one cohesive application that is customized for your use and consumption.


As mobile devices emerge to take preeminence in the market place to replace laptops and desktop computers, Net.Orange has foreseen the need for applications to work both online and offline on mobile devices for nurses, doctors and administrators in the hospital, in their offices and even nurses in the field. We understand the need for the user to be able to enter the data and then once they are in a place they can connect to the Internet, they can then push that data up to their database. Net.Orange has built this application with the expectation to be used in the field and on mobile devices of many flavors keeping in mind the limitations of many platforms like the Apple iPad and its limitation on the use of Adobe Flash and scripts that run in a browser. We have foreseen the need to be mobile and understand the different scenarios that would apply to using mobile devices effectively in the field in less than optimal circumstances.


Net.Orange wants to open up the market space to allow doctors, nurses and patients to work together collaboratively to solve problems. If it is as simple as tracking a patients weight while on a medically supervised diet giving the patient the ability to enter their vital statistics and enter weight changes, diet changes and any issues they have, then allowing the nurse to monitor, supervise and suggest changes and alert the doctor if there is an issue or something the doctor needs to approve or expound upon for the patient or nurse's benefit. Collaboration is the key to the future of medical treatment. If we can get patients to actively enter data about what medications they take, how, and when they see doctors, and have them actively take a role in documenting and keeping a diary of their medical condition and progression or cure for their condition we can build a database that gives us a wealth of information to help treat future patients better, and give them superior health care in the future based on a wealth of information we glean from happy users who get the added value of input from their doctor and trained nurses. It's a win-win situation, better relationships with patients and more information for how best to treat a patient in the future. Collaboration is the key to success.


We at Net.Orange have done our best to be one of the most extensible applications out there. Our application lives in a layer above the data so that the hospital, doctor's office, or whomever has all the data on their systems while our application acts as the screen door to filter out the data into the right stacks and send it to your data warehouse. We at Net.Orange don't keep any of your patient data, it all lives on your systems, so HIPAA laws and data security is still in the hands of the Healthcare Provider, Hospital or Doctor's office. That's the beauty of the Net.Orange application, you get all the extensibility and hundreds of ways to manipulate the data using the application, but it still resides in your environment under your governance and control.

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